Digital Dada

I’m based in Mumbai, India, but I travel the world over for work, and the joy of visiting new places. For many years now, people in the film-making fraternity in Mumbai, India, and some other cities, consider me their 'go to' guy for a wide range of techie queries. 

These are fellow editors, colleagues at work, students at Film schools, or film-makers in general. I try my best to be a one-man tech resource.

Mostly on technology, but occasionally on philosophy and life in general too.

I read manuals, and other such boring material and try to make it easy for others to go out and make good films and not worry about the tech.

I design edit studios, colour grading setups, cinemas, anywhere that films are created or shown.

I write when I get the chance or there’s a good chance that someone will read it. I teach at film schools whenever they call me to. I do workshops at film festivals, product launches, and other such. I post on my Neil Sadwelkar’s Tech Corner page on Facebook when something new comes out.